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About Company

Dragon Stars Solutions Co.,Ltd.

Company Background

Dragon Star Solutions (Thailand) Co.,Ltd., We are expert in consulting services and information technology management services, specialized in consulting and ERP Software installation. Our company are expertise in several solutions to support small, medium and large business operations in a variety of businesses and industries.
Dragon Star Solutions specializes in consulting and ERP system installation with more than 10 years experienced senior management and consulting team for various business and industries. Dragon Star Solutions is a partner with leading hardware company that provide the solutions tailored to the rapid deployment of ERP software on demand. Support your business to get the most benefit, cost reduction and executive team more quickly decisions. That’s why we can take your company to be a leader in business effectively. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Dragon Star Solutions has recognized the importance of business which is highly competitive both in the industrial and service sector in the Digital Transformation era. We has developed and increased the potential of services by focus on providing the right solutions to the organization. Make your business more efficient to compete and to be a leader company in the Digital Transformation era with data processing innovations in real time, both on-premise and on-cloud. Our ERP Software solutions are flexible, accurate and highly secure. We can provide a customer support service team to solve customers problems more quickly.
We also have ERP Solutions that suitable for small and medium businesses (SMEs), that can provide all functions and processes for running your business as you need. Dragon Star Solutions has gained confidence and trust from customers with hard work and determination. Therefore, we are committed to development our company to be a part of the success with your business organization.


We will be the leading ERP Solutions consultant business that has been created and programming development to support customers to control cost and also manage resources effectively. Including provide problem solving solutions for ERP Software system, which focuses on providing services that are suitable for the customer’s business to get the most benefit and efficiency. We will strive to develop our company to be a part of the success with your business organization.


  • To be an organization that provides good and accurate advice to customers with maximum benefits to customers.
  • High quality program development to provide maximum benefits and efficiency to customers.
  • Develop personnel in the organization to have quality and morality with continuously and consistently development.
  • Professional management uphold the principles of morality, rule of law, transparency, participation responsibility and the value for customer.